What We Do

  We are a Full-Service Company that Specializes in Management & Sales. We have Managed, Rented, Leased, Listed, and sold 1000'S of properties in Northern NJ. We Oversee & Manage the daily operations of Residential & Commercial Properties, vacant or occupied. 

  We assist with the Maintenance, Cleanliness, Rehabilitation & Management of each property.

Services We Offer

- Online Portal with client view of full ledger and accounting
- Ensure Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws
- VPR Services - Vacant Property Registration
- Obtain Compliance Required Certification
- Property Preservation and Maintenance
- Provide Janitorial & Clean Out Services
- Maintain accurate and complete records
- Negotiation of Leases & Agreements
- Payment of Utility Bills & Taxes Available
- Routine Inspections

Satisfaction Guarenteed

Janitorial & Maintenance Services
Document Preparation Services
Consistent Communications
Financial Management
Leasing & Management Services
Certification Services