Property Mgmt & Sales

- Leasing services that assist in the marketing of available units

- Negotiation and signing of Leases

- Financial Management including collection of Rent

- Payment of bills and preparing Budgets

- Report financial matters to owners, including monthly & annual Reports

- Assist with tax preparation and filing services

- Provide Property Inspection & Preservation

- Oversee Repairs

- Respond to tenant inquiries, resolve disputes, and tenant complaints 

- Tenant Screening Services 

- Ensure properties are in compliance with Local, State, and Federal Laws

- Assistance in drafting and filing Legal Documents 

Preservation Management

- Boarding to protect the property from damage and other threats

- Complete or partial board-ups upon client request

- Ensure compliance with local authority requirements

- Initial cleaning, mowing, and trimming services are provided for the grounds

- Initial pool maintenance

- Vacant property registrations 

- Program for assisting the prior owner with relocation

- Removal of personal items and debris with thorough records and photos

- Registration of vacant properties

- Handles winterization, de-winterization, and necessary snow removal

- Getting ready for a sale or transfer

- Re-keying

- Continual, client-specific upkeep and safety repairs

Inspection Services 

We provide Inspections Services using State-of-the-Art technology, logging and documenting with photo and video. Professionals in the CB Property Management network work to address issues and Client-Specific Challenges.

Some of these include:

- Inspections of Commercial Properties

- Inspections of Construction Compliance

- Home Inspections for Acquisitions

- Move-in/Move-out Inspections Documented

- Inspections of Residential Properties

HOA Administrative Mgmt

- Management of personnel and financial resources

- Oversight of technology and risk management

- Assist with hiring, training, and supervising staff 

- Creating job descriptions and policies

- Budgeting, Forecasting, Investing

- Managing software and hardware

- Developing strategies to mitigate risks

- Ensure protection from potential losses or damages

Rehab Construction Mgmt

Some of rehabilitation construction management services we provide are:


- Rennovation Construction Management

- General Contracting

- Construction Clean-Up

- Debris Removal

- Carpentry

- Painting & Roofing Services

Facility Management

- Maintenance and operation of buildings and other physical infrastructures 

- Cleaning services, security, and energy management 

- Cost Savings, improved efficiency, and better customer service

- Management of Staff

- Property Preservation and Support Resources

- Maintenance & Landscaping 

- Storage Services

Debris Removal

Supply Fulfillment

Janitorial Services